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Total Transactions
for the past 12 months
No. of E-RFQ/E-Tender
E-Quotation Value
$9.208 billion
No. of E-POs
E-PO Value
$5.848 billion
No. of E-Invoices
E-Invoice Value
$1.946 billion
No. of E-Auctions
E-Auction Value
$69 million
E-Finance Value
$9.07 million

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Welcome to SESAMi Pte Ltd

SESAMi (Singapore) Pte Ltd is Asia's leader in providing trusted solutions for transacting commerce on the Internet. As the foremost commerce service provider and operator of the leading electronic hub (E-Hub) in Asia, we are a powerhouse best positioned to bring your business all the advantages and efficiencies of trading online.

To ensure that we meet all your online business requirements, we also collaborate with consulting, solution and value-added service partners, and resellers, such as financial institutions, fulfilment houses and business information providers, so that you receive fully integrated, end-to-end e-commerce solutions and services. Together with our partners, we provide services including system integration, consultancy, trading partner management, helpdesk support, training and Internet security management.


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SESAMi provides the tools and the platform for where businesses of all sizes come together to manage their buying and selling processes online.

For the buying organizations, SESAMi provides the means to enhance and streamline the buying processes by automating and adopting best in class practices. It encompasses from source to buy to pay process with eWorkflow and creates a paperless online transaction environment for these enterprises with their suppliers. We help buyers to publish their close RFQ and Tenders online and notify potential suppliers on the opportunity to bid. Suppliers who can supply but have not been invited to bid, can request to participate. The requests will be sent to buyers for approval and once approved, the RFQ and Tender documents will be released for suppliers to quote. This will help to widen the sourcing base for our buyers.

SESAMi acts as an E-Hub to improve the communication and order management between the suppliers and the buyers. Our services include applications such as E-Catalogue system, E-Quotation, E-Invoicing & E-Directory etc. By joining SESAMi, suppliers can reach out to all our buying organizations online and will not miss any business opportunities which they can participate in.

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