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SESAMi’s E-Procurement solution allows users to create purchase requests, purchase orders, e-invoices, perform goods receipt and goods return. Purchases made through E-Procure system will be captured digitally and properly categorized to facilitate spend analysis.

  • Contracted catalogue items and services under contract from their list of approved vendors. 

  • Integrate with customer’s existing ERP applications to deliver purchase orders, e-invoices, business documents, information and notifications to their suppliers via our supplier Web Portal.

  • SESAMi’s E-Invoice application employs straight-through-processing (STP) to enable data to be drawn directly from Buyer's E-PO and Goods Received (GRS) to match with the Supplier's invoice information.


The PO-flip and 3-way matching principle allow suppliers to generate accurate invoice data more efficiently and eliminates the need for accounts payable staff to manually key invoice data for payment. This improves productivity across the value chain by saving time, eliminate invoicing and payment errors, thus enabling prompt payment to suppliers.


In scenarios where you can have an invoice without a PO created e.g utilities. The invoice will be recommended for approval.


2-Way Matching

Purchase order matched against invoice.


3-Way Matching

Purchase order matched against good receipts and invoice.


4-Way Matching

Purchase order matched against goods receipts and invoice with approval of the invoice.

* SESAMi 3-way match process has been audited and tested by banks, allowing us direct

   integration for Invoice Factoring

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