SESAMi, MOF-AGD's Appointed Peppol E-Invoice Provider

SESAMi is a certified Peppol Network Access Point service provider. SESAMi World Connect’s Invoice Key solution helps buyers and suppliers to connect, send and receive electronic invoices easily to MOF-AGD and also globally through Peppol, IMDA’s Nationwide e-Invoicing Framework.

Get onboard IMDA's Nationwide E-invoicing Framework

IMDA has launched the nationwide Pan-European Public Procurement OnLine (Peppol) electronic invoicing (E-Invoicing) standard on 9 January 2019. Singapore is the first Peppol Authority in Asia and outside Europe and IMDA will serve as a model for setting up other Peppol Authorities in other countries. Read more about IMDA's Nationwide E-invoicing Framework here.

With Peppol, it enables buyers and suppliers to exchange standards-based electronic documents through the Peppol network. Access Points is used to connect end users and existing network infrastructures. The communication between Access Points is encrypted and uses digital signatures to ensure the data transmitted over the network is safe and reliable.

3-Day Peppol Accelerator Program


This Nationwide E-invoicing Framework (Peppol)
Pilot Programme will be free till 30 June 2021.

(terms and conditions apply)

Click below to view our online training kit with training videos and user manuals.

SESAMi enables you to use Peppol now

All you need is a Peppol ID to login to the portal and you can start sending and receiving your invoices to any other Peppol Access Point service provider through Peppol network. If you are currently a buyer or supplier in the SESAMi marketplace, you are ready to go. Just appoint SESAMi to be your Access Point provider. More details here.

SESAMi’s Peppol Solution Offerings

Unlimited Invoice Transactions (Sending & Receiving)

Web Portal (via Data entry)

Web Portal (Upload/Download via Excel integration)

Minimum 6 months invoice history

$0 (Free)

Subscription & Transaction Costs

Stay Healthy Go Digital

Unlimited Invoice Transactions

Web Portal (Data entry)

Web Portal (Upload/Download via Excel integration)

Minimum 6 months Invoice history

$0 (Free)

Subscription & Transaction Costs


API Solution

Peppol 4 Corner Model Explained (How It Works)

Peppol network is based on a 4-corner model. This model consists of the sender (Supplier), the receiver (Buyer) and their access points. Buyers and suppliers can engage whichever Access Point provider of their choice to access Peppol network. The Access Points connect users to the Peppol network and exchange electronic invoice documents based on the Peppol specifications.


E-Invoicing gets you paid faster

Currently there are 80% of the organizations are still processing their invoices manually. Manual invoicing is time consuming and inefficient. With e-invoicing, it allows the exchange of the invoice document between a supplier and a buyer done electronically. It helps to cut down paper usage leading to savings in operating cost. E-Invoicing also reduces manual processes and minimises the risk of errors. Many organizations are now moving towards e-invoicing as it improves and shorten the purchase to pay cycle. This means your supplier will get paid faster.

5 Main Benefits of E-Invoicing

Integrates to SESAMi's Early Payment System for financing

Increases productivity by minimizing manual processes

Minimizes data errors and fraud prevention

Improves relationships between buyers and suppliers

Compresses the time for payment processing

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