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SESAMi Group Emerging Stronger; A Successful track record that exemplifies resilience & innovation

Key Customer Onboard

Changi Airport Group (CAG) has awarded the Tender for the implementation of a full suite of Source-to-Pay e-Procurement solutions, including e-Sourcing, Content Management and Contract Management to SESAMi in October 2020. Other new customers onboarded are NTUC Foodfare, Football Association of Singapore, Maxwell Chambers, Singapore Turf Club, Konica Minolta, SIA Engineering Company, Mandai Park Development and more!

Successful Launch of Digital Financing

In partnership with DBS, SESAMi has launched a data driven supply chain financing program with successful disbursals to its trading community. The digital financing program allows SESAMi’s trading community to access immediate funding using their outstanding invoices created via SESAMi’s platform at a low interest rate offered by SESAMi’s partnering banks.

Awarded by IMDA

Adding to SESAMi’s proven track record as a digital transaction hub, IMDA has officially awarded SESAMi in October 2020 to provide InvoiceNow service to 3 Government Agencies after IMDA’s successful pilot for Government outbound invoices. Back in July 2019, SESAMi was awarded the contract by Accountant-General's Department (AGD) under Ministry of Finance for the implementation of InvoiceNow to receive digital invoices which went live in January 2020. To date, SESAMi has onboarded more than 10,000 companies for the use of InvoiceNow.

Rolled Out Business E-Payment Solutions

SESAMi through its sister company Capital Match, has partnered with MAS licensed payment solution provider XFERS with successful implementation of Virtual Accounts for Capital Match’s community. With the eventual full rollout targeting Q3 2021, the business e-payment solutions will provide a seamless real-time fund management experience for borrowers and investors on Capital Match platform.

SESAMi Company Background

SESAMi (Singapore) Pte Ltd is Asia's leader in providing trusted solutions for transacting commerce over the Internet since 2002. At SESAMi, we have the infrastructure, software, industry and geographical coverage and expertise to provide you with a complete suite of business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce solutions that will help you better manage your value chain processes, such as sourcing, procurement, planning and financing needs.



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