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New COVID-19 Era: Digital Transformation Adaptation

In this fast-moving digital era, businesses are racing to embrace digital transformation to remain agile and competitive to protect themselves against a wider and more acute range of potential shocks and disruptive events. Most jobs have been fundamentally impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic and the key areas of the business such as marketing, sales, and customer service have been greater hit. Employees have had to learn how to complete tasks remotely by using digital tools to communicate with colleagues and clients.

Data Accuracy for Effective Spend Analysis

As COVID-19 continues to cause disruption across the globe, we are beginning to see the next wave of changes for the procurement process. While the issue is ongoing, businesses can concurrently build new capabilities and ways of working that deliver continued value to customers, partners and shareholders. Traditional procurement operating models have been proven to no longer be feasible. ‘Business-as-usual’ approaches are no longer enough for procurement functions if they are to continue operating effectively and achieving the right results. [1]

Hence having a reliable, proven and trusted platform such as SESAMI to carry on with the day to day procurement process is crucial when majority of employees worldwide are adopting the workfrom home approach. There is also a need for accurate data when conducting electronic procurement, this then helps guide businesses in the daily decision-making process through the necessary analytics done on the trusted and accurate data sources. If there is no data traceability, it can lead businesses to make costly mistakes. The ability of the platform to integrate server to server to allow businesses to transact seamlessly with their clients is an added advantage to minimise the need for data entry which gives rise to higher possibility of errors.