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Abecha Pte Ltd, formerly a joint-venture of SESAMi, Microsoft and Intraco is a premier sourcing and procurement service provider. It was founded in July 2001 with JTC Corporation with the mandate to serve JTC's community of 7,000 industrial business tenants.

Abecha Pte Ltd, is now a wholly-owned subsidiary of SESAMi (S) Pte Ltd after SESAMi bought over JTC's majority shares in June 2004. Abecha Pte Ltd is one of Singapore largest growing E-Business providing aggregated buying services in good volume discount and yet maintain quality services through our carefully selected strategic supplier partnership.


Abecha’s core business is to help companies to lower their cost of doing business via a range cooperative sourcing and demand aggregation services to achieve optimum price. One example would be the strategic partnership with ExxonMobil to offer a 'Bulk Fuel Discount Fleet Card Program'.


To find out more about Abecha, click here.

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