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SESAMi operates one of the largest E-Hub in Singapore which enables more than 40,000 suppliers to have secure and fast exchange of electronic documents, from orders to invoices.  SESAMi’s E-Hub also hosts several supplier centric applications which includes E-Catalog, E-Directory, supplier order management and E-Invoicing applications.   An industrial-strength shared infrastructure, the hub enables suppliers to connect to multiple buyers via a single connection. Join us to supply to our group of SESAMi trading partners.


SESAMi recognises the need for a properly developed Supplier Enablement initiative to help suppliers to more effectively reduce costs, yield fewer transaction errors, shorten the time period for measurable return on investment (ROI), and to provide suppliers with the full technical capability without a high technical barrier, a minimal start-up fee, and low cost of ownership. As a supplier on SESAMi network, you will enjoy the following services below.

Business Opportunities

E-Procurement Transaction Management

Trade Financing

Employee Benefits




Catalog is always up to date to ensure the availability of the procured goods and services.

E-PO & E-Invoice

Receive POs sent directly from the buyer and create invoices electronically to decrease the supplier’s days sales outstanding (DSO).


With the Business@lert feature to alert suppliers of relevant publications, suppliers can simply login to the SESAMi portals to submit their bids instantly.

Dedicated Customer Care

Suppliers can contact our Customer Care team via phone or email.

Supplier Education

Online training videos and user manuals are readily available for download. Suppliers can also book a training session via our e-Booking platform.

Demand Aggregation Benefits

As part of the SESAMi Community, suppliers will receives exclusive deals such as the Bulk Fuel Discount Program to enjoy discounted pump prices at ESSO stations islandwide.

Demand Aggregation

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